Upcoming event

20.00 – 21.45
29 November 2023
Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam

With guests Depths of Wikipedia and Fashionlover4.

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Depths of Wikipedia

Annie Rauwerda of Depths of Wikipedia

Bored during the pandemic Annie Rauwerda started her Instagram page “Depths of Wikipedia” in April of 2020. Although originally intended to share strange, surprising, and interesting facts from the English Wikipedia among friends, the page has grown over a million followers. Annie made a Twitter page, where the Wikipedia screenshots get posted as well. On TikTok she uses the @depthsofwikipedia handle to post personal stories, facts about Wikipedia, comedic videos and updates on her perpetual stew. 



Michael of Fashionlover4

Michael, aka Fashionlover4 or @hotfashiontakes, has an interest in fashion, but is also critical of the fashion world. On TikTok he posts short and snappy videos like tier lists, and explainer videos on topics like a specific garment or the history of a brand or designer. On his YouTube channel he posts longer video-essays that go more in-depth and visually often have a livestream-like composition where a green screen video of Michael is placed in a bottom corner on top of archival video footage. 



Significant Content

Content creators on social media are usually not approached like film directors, musicians or designers, while these creators make an important contribution to our daily media consumption and (digital) culture. In the Significant Content event series, popular creators on various social media platforms are offered an artist talk.

Just as a significant figure in mathematics can make a difference in a calculation, the content of these creators can make a difference within the framework of a social media platform and reveal medium-specific characteristics of this platform. These creators often deploy very clever tactics that make their content work well within the medium they are using. By outlining the content and methods of these creators we unravel how social media platforms work beneath the surface.

Significant Content was initiated by Sjef van Beers and Florian van Zandwijk and is made possible by the Creative Industries Fund NL.