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Significant Content w/ James Rehwald & Defunctland

10 April 2024
20.00 – 22.00

Pakhuis De Zwijger

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James Rehwald

Through fast-paced videos with lots of video effects and added text and graphics, James Rehwald shares his take on American and international politics. The abundance of references creates the feeling that his videos are well researched, but combined with the fast-paced editing style, it also contributes to the comedy that plays a large role in his videos. As a creator of content that does not conform to the political status quo, James has had to deal with videos and accounts being (shadow) banned in recent years.




In 2017 Kevin Perjurer started making a video series on a VR project he started where was creating a virtual theme park consisting of various demolished attractions called Defunctland. Even though the VR project still exists, as a community project now, Kevin has made Defunctland into a popular YouTube channel. In his videos he maps out the history of vanished theme parks and attractions. Eventually he branched out to include broader pop culture topics too such as TV shows and fast food chains.


Significant Content

Content creators on social media are usually not approached like film directors, musicians or designers, while these creators make an important contribution to our daily media consumption and (digital) culture. In the Significant Content event series, popular creators on various social media platforms are offered an artist talk.

Just as a significant figure in mathematics can make a difference in a calculation, the content of these creators can make a difference within the framework of a social media platform and reveal medium-specific characteristics of this platform. These creators often deploy very clever tactics that make their content work well within the medium they are using. By outlining the content and methods of these creators we unravel how social media platforms work beneath the surface.

Significant Content was initiated by Sjef van Beers and Florian van Zandwijk and is made possible by the Creative Industries Fund NL.